Total Project

Lännen Alituspalvelu has technology that is suitable for all crossing conditions.

Almost all soils from clay to hard granite can be penetrated with this technology. Choosing proper technology decreases working time, brings savings to project costs and protects nature.

Planning together leads to best results

It is essential to choose the correct techniques and methods for each project in all crossing contructions and projects. The soil quality and obstacles in the soil have a great impact in the chosen methods. Lännen Alituspalvelu can provide you with most common techniques like hammer drilling (LAP drilling method), HDD – drilling, horizontal auger boring, pipe ramming and many other techniques.

Save nature with overall solutions

The best and most cost-effective situation is achieved when our equipment and services are brought in as early as possible, preferably already in the planning stage, by combining the input of consultants and planners. This way the possibilities of new technologies can be effectively utilized and cost savings gained for all parties.