Reference – Auger Boring

Väylävirasto, Etelä-Suomen rumpu-urakka 2022

Drum construction in South-Finland included a demanding 1800 mm drum installation in Sipoo under Kerava-Sköldvik railway, crossing of Martinkyläntie and Muuntajantie. The client had planned to carry out work as open trench method. After LAP further consideration it was noticed that the drum intersects with the main trunk of Sipoo and other pipe- and lead lines, which should be transferred for the construction time. In addition, all working pits should have been made by sheet pile shafts with long piles because of the very soft ground and soil conditions in the area.

LAP suggested to the client that this drum project would be executed by drilling. The client was interested in LAP’s suggestion and LAP made new plans for the project. The plans included new alignment for drilling and necessary supported working pits. The project was implemented following LAP plans. Thus, line transfers, massive exchanges of soil material and massive sheet pile shafts were avoided completely. Working this way gave the client a total economical solution, where inconveniences to traffic and environment were taken into account and minimized.