Lännen Alituspalvelu was started in 1988, when Pekka Vepsä was working in different construction projects.

Koneviesti magazine had a story about construction work at different locations. Pekka studied the idea a bit further and through his experience he noticed a gap in the market and Lännen Alituspalvelu was born. At that time in Finland horizontal drilling was totally new and Pekka Vepsä acted as pioneer and trendsetter and developed technology which today goes by the name LAP-drilling method.

The company has a long history and solid experience in working as project consultant. It would be most effective to bring Lännen Alituspalvelu into the projects and contracting at a very early stage, which results in the best possible solution for the client, in terms of costs, technologies, nature and environment.

The history of Lännen Alituspalvelu is full of stories and maybe one of the most memorable one is the site visit of Romanian president in Bulgaria. Local priest was on the site before the president arrived. Tradition of the country was to bless the pipes for good fortune. The president arrived in a convoy of 50 cars. Bulgarian president, the press and lots of people were present. Afterwards Pekka thought, whether it would be a good idea to bless and protect all projects in a similar way.

As the CEO of the company, Pekka Vepsä runs the operations and today the company and its sister companies employ over 50 people. The company has operated for over 30 years. The company’s policy is to keep all promises and finish all projects. The company has a solid financial standing, and it has the equipment, personnel and knowledge of best possible, innovative solutions. Lännen Alituspalvelu is very solution-oriented and will recommend the best solution in order to achieve the best possible result within the given budget.

Lännen Alituspalvelu cares for wellbeing of nature and people, our surroundings, and the technology saves nature and environment because eg. digging of land is not necessary. At the same time there are less fuel costs because the soil can be reutilized, this leads to decreased carbon footprint.

Lännen Alituspalvelu is a strong and solid partner, that will never leave the customer alone. The project will always be finished. As Pekka says “The customer will choose us to be safe and the project will be concluded properly”.