Piperamming – Cheapest starting costs and suitable for soft soil

Piperamming is a simple and fast method that is usable in soft soil types. Piperamming is suitable in projects, when you know or can be sure of the soil conditions on the ramming line and the line is direct and doesn’t need guiding.

Together with the client from the beginning leads best results

The best and most cost-effective situation is achieved when our equipment and services are brought in as early as possible, preferably already in the planning stage, by combining the input of consultants and planners. This way the possibilities of new technologies can be effectively utilized and cost savings gained at an early stage.

Piperamming at its best

Recommended installation length by ramming is 0-60 meters. Pipe diameters are usually Ø168-2500mm. However, piperamming, can also be used with bigger pipe diameters. Soil surveys play an important role when planning crossings. Piperamming is especially applicable in soft soils like clay, silt and loose sand. Piperamming cannot be used in rock or rocky soils.